Bootprints Hiking Tours

"The [self-guided] package you provided is fantastic."

Guided Tours

On a guided tour your needs will be looked after by a Bootprints guide. You will be transported to the trails and you will be guided on your hikes.

Guided Tours Include:
Self-Guided Tours

On a self-guided tour, Bootprints will book your accommodations for you and send your tour package via email.

Self-Guided Tours Include:
Not Included:

Custom Tours

Are you looking for something different? Tell us your interests and Bootprints will create a custom tour for you in Nova Scotia.
(Minimum 2 people required.)

Budget Options

Are you on a budget? For groups of 2 or more, custom tours can be organised to reduce your vacation cost. Call to discuss options such as camping or sharing multi-room units with your group.

We are looking for energetic, personable guides who love the outdoors! Contact us to join our team.

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