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Gros Morne Newfoundland Tour
Gros Morne Hike

You will be picked up in Deer Lake on the first morning and begin your adventure with a hike to a series of waterfalls. Following this is a short but steep climb to one of your first of many views of the Long Range Mountains. Your final walk of the day provides beautiful views of Norris Point, Bonne Bay and the Tablelands. The Rocky Harbour area will be your home base for the duration of the tour.

Difficulty:3/5 (steep inclines; distance)
Total Hiking Time:4.5-6.5 hours
Total Hiking Distance:14km (8.7 miles)
Overnight:Neddies Harbour Inn or The Tides Inn , Norris Point

Today you tackle Gros Morne Mountain, a slice of Artic Tundra 806 metres (2600 ft) high. This is a very strenuous hike that will take all day to complete but the views at the top are worth the effort. You will see Ten Mile Pond and the fjords of Bonne Bay from one of the highest points in Newfoundland!

Difficulty:5/5 (long duration/ steep)
Total Hiking Time:8 hours
Total Hiking Distance:16km (10 miles)
Overnight:Same as last night

After the challenging hike yesterday you get a break today with some lighter walks. But although the walks are not intense the scenery definitely is! Today you will be taking a boat ride through a fjord that is well-known for it's stunning views. You will learn how the glaciers carved out the landscape so many years ago and see waterfalls tumbling from the cliffs. In the afternoon you will stretch your legs on a short trek to a stunning beach with sand dunes and views of the mountains that you cruised through earlier today.

Total Hiking Time:3 hours (there is also a 2 hour boat tour today)
Total Hiking Distance:7km (4.3 miles)
Overnight:Same as last night

Today you will get plenty of fresh salt air during two walks by the ocean where you can sample the diversity of the Newfoundland coast. You will start with a hike to a lighthouse and then walk along a path by a cobble beach. Once again, you will get a beautiful view of the Long Range Mountains in the distance. Your journey today will also take you through "tuckamores" - short, crooked trees that are stunted from the frost and wind of the harsh Newfoundland environment.

Total Hiking Time:4-5 hours
Total Hiking Distance:10km (6 miles)
Overnight:Same as last night

After a visit to the Discovery Centre you will hike to one of the best lookouts in the park, providing a panoramic view of Bonne Bay, Gros Morne Mountain and the Tablelands. Walk through a grassy meadow where pitcher plants grow and soak in the view at the top as you eat a picnic lunch. Afterwards you will walk on the earth's mantle at the Tablelands! Today you will also get a bird's eye view of Rocky Harbour.

Difficulty:3/5 (inclines)
Total Hiking Time:5 hours
Total Hiking Distance:10km (6 miles)
Overnight:Same as last night

Hike to a meadow and see volcanic rocks and sea stacks from the top of a cliff. Walk on the beach to a waterfall and a sea cave if the tide is low. In the afternoon, explore a small coastal community with a sandy beach that is waiting for your bootprints. At the end of the day you will be transported to Deer Lake.

Difficulty:3/5 (incline/ distance)
Total Hiking Time:3-4 hours plus beach walk
Total Hiking Distance:10km (6 miles) plus beach walk

Details may change without notice.

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